I hate to be one of those people who just state a few random facts about themselves on an ‘About me’ page; so instead I’ve decided to briefly explain why I am writing a blog.


I am starting a blog, as you can probably see. The main reasoning behind it is my siblings. At the moment we all live together, but, come this spring, we will be separated, not only by state lines, but by oceans and countries.

I will be in upstate New York, arguably the most beautiful place I have ever seen; Phil will be in New Hampshire with her young husband and bouncing baby boy; Gabby, who is not only my sister but best friend and confidante, will be in the glamorous New York City; Teresa, my oldest sister, will be teaching children english in China (Freaking CHINA!!); Charlie, my older brother by one year, will be working for Amazon in Seattle; The youngest three girls are in Michigan with our mother, the oldest, Dom, will probably be playing video games…somewhere.

       I am also writing this blog for me. I have an odd memory problem; I have an extremely hard time remembering anything before about three years ago. I am also writing this so I can look back and remember my previous thoughts and experiences.

I love reading blogs and hope a few of you enjoy reading what I have to write!