Tomorrow my sister leaves for the city that never sleeps. Tomorrow, in the same body, my best friend leaves for the city that never sleeps.

     New York city will be gaining a great and beautiful person. She is an amazing, caring person who loves life and is full of compassion. She is a devout roman catholic with joviality through to her bones.

Gabrielle has the purest sense of humor I have ever encountered. Just the other day she and I spent almost an hour in fits of laughter because of the Snapchat update that slows things down or speeds it up. We took stupid videos for a long time and laughed even longer. Gabrielle is a person who you can goof off with and have an amazingly great time with. Gabby is also the person to go to when you need to talk about the most serious and deep conversations with.

New York City is taking my favorite person in the world. She has been offered an amazing job down there teaching a single kindergarten student to read. Could you believe that shes working half an hour from The Hamptons. I’m so happy that she has such an wonderful and unique opportunity to work on Long Island, even if it means that she is leaving me.

Gabrielle, I love you and wish you the very best.