I REALLY like mashed potatoes.

  Ask any of my family, they’ll confirm in a nanosecond. This Thanksgiving I am making three different kinds of mashed potatoes. Only one of which I’ve made before. I’ve made the roasted garlic but i’m adding Parmesan this time. The other two kinds are completely new to me. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to try them. The first is pretty normal but still new to me; bacon cheddar and chive mashed HEAVEN. I love bacon. I love cheddar cheese. I love chives. This should be a great one.

       The really interesting one is the bourbon bacon whipped sweet potatoes with brown butter and crispy sage. It really is a mouthful, no pun intended. This one, I think, is a real shot in the dark. I’d never heard of it before today. I also reaaaaaaaly like sweet potatoes so this may introduce me (and my family) to seventh heaven…or to seventh hell. This recipe worries me because its new and kind of unconventional. I’m just praying I don’t ruin the day with a terrible sweet potato blob of gross.

Wow. I love Mashed Potatoes.