~Maybe if I close my eyes
Time won’t move as fast
And maybe
If I stop waiting for tomorrow
I will enjoy today
I’m not saying that I don’t wanna grow up
But if given the chance
I wouldn’t change a thing~~

-Sarah Cummings

     Time is spiteful. Well, by that I mean the passage of time and how it changes perception. Things that were terrifying when you were five or six are hilarious or cheesy to you now. Do you remember that scary movie from your childhood? Everyone has one. You know, that one you caught a glimpse of your parents watching, but at the scariest part? And you remember that moment with the same fear level for years to come?

     Then, ten years later you watch that movie and the movie clip that filled so many sleepless night hours for the past decade and you find it silly and cheap. The cloak of mystery and fear has dissipated. What was the bane of your childhood is now meaningless.

     Just think back to a joke you heard when you were really young. Something that made you laugh until your ribs ached. Until tears were streaming down your face. That joke. The Joke. And now when you hear that joke you don’t even give it a full eye roll. It’s a lame joke. You never really liked that joke is what you say now. Your perception of that joke has changed so much through time that it had transformed into an entirely new feeling.

    I’m sad to say that time diminishes the pure happiness of our younger years. A smile from a child is an amazing thing to behold. But time has replaced it with the forced and strained grimace of the adult. Time smothers the innocent child, rarely to be seen again.

 Time wears you down. Time slows you down.

Time leaves you behind.